Synthetic Hair Extensions Online

Synthetic Hair Extensions Online

When you are searching for hair extensions online, one of the main questions is:

What is the difference between human hair and synthetic hair?

Purchasing hair extensions online allows you to choose from a variety of types of hair and a selection of more varying shades. Although more expensive, human hair extensions online are recommended if you want styling versatility, want to curl or straighten it, and want a more natural look and feel. Synthetic hair is normally more affordable and is ready to wear when you take hair extensions online out of the box, and it needs little or no styling. Synthetic hair that is heat-friendly is made from special fibers that resist heat from styling tools and give about the same versatility in styling as human hair.

Differences in virgin hair in hair extensions online

*  Indian hair dries into awesome waves from a small wave to a very wavy texture. However, it does straighten and curl easily.

* Malaysian hair is softer and silkier than Indian hair. It appears excessively shiny, but after two or three washes, it takes on a more natural appearance. Curls do not drop or loosen but will maintain their form the entire day. No product is required to maintain the curl.

* Brazilian hair is also shinier and silkier than Indian hair. The straight textures are not actually bone straight but tend to curl at the end. The hair holds curls very well and longer than Indian hair.

* Peruvian hair is thicker and coarser than Brazilian or Indian hair. It blends with medium Caucasian hair and normal African-American relaxed hair. Curly textures become even curlier when washed or wet.

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